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Lusso Cloud

The Pelli

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The Pelli from Lusso Cloud

Raw Umber with Shortbread Sole Colorway

The Pelli, a sophisticated comfort slide featuring LUSSO CLOUD engineered waffle knit upper, made from partially recycled bamboo, and a jacquard cross-hatch grosgrain pull tab.

uppers are made using LUSSO CLOUD engineered waffle knit with a thin sheet of breathable memory foam sewn into the lining. Combined with Triple Stack technology, featuring an ultra soft layer of perforated memory foam sandwiched between a supple partially recycled IPEVA outsole and a comfy latex top sheet. It’s softness that surrounds your foot, creating 360 degrees of comfort.

Triple Stack Comfy Tech consists of the three blissful layers of comfort. Layer one is an incredibly supple durometer IPEVA footbed that cradles your foot. On top of that, a second layer of lusciously soft perforated memory foam. And finally, a plush and silky soft top sheet made from natural latex. 

RECYCLED EVA: LUSSO CLOUD is about comfort. It’s also about quality, innovation, and environmental responsibility. To that end, they use a partially recycled IPEVA in the construction of every pair of LUSSO CLOUD shoes.

Unisex Sizing. LUSSO's are offered in unisex sizing. When converting to women's sizes from men's, go up 2 sizes.

Made in California