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Trip Wipes

5 Wipe Travel Pack

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5 Wipe Travel Pack by Trip Wipes

The perfect way to keep safe & refresh on your travels. Each wipe KILLS 99.9% GERMS, smells incredible, softens your hands and exactly what you need to wipe down just about anything. The non-toxic, citrus-scented essential oil blend was formulated, tested and perfected to create the ultimate travel wipe for everyone on-the-go. 

Hand Sanitizing Anti-Bacterial Wipes that kill 99.9% of germs.

Fresh Citrus Scent. 

Compostable(resealable) pouch / 5 individually packaged wipes

100% viscose, biodegradable, premium super soft, non-rip, large [8.5" x 5.5"] towelette w/ a 2yr shelf life. 

Trip Wipes is manufactured in an FDA-registered facility, adhering to FDA/cGMP guidelines.

Made in Detroit, USA