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Lana Room Shoes

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Lana Room Shoes from Morihata

A premium 100% cotton room shoe.

Woven on slow Japanese looms, the luxurious Lana Room Shoe has a soft, cashmere-like weave that feels like a plush blanket on the skin.

An essential part of every Japanese home, room shoes evoke the sweet relief of coming home after a long day. This luxurious version reinvents the standard room shoe style with washable 100% cotton fibers and a durable suede-like sole.

As functional as they are beautiful, the Lana room shoes keep your feet warm and comfortable during those moments of everyday luxury.

Unisex Product


Medium = US Mens 5.5-6.5/US Womens 7-8

Large = US Mens 7-9/US Womens 8.5-10.5

XL = US Mens 10-11.5/US Womens 11-13

Care: To Be Worn Indoors Only. Machine Wash with Cold Water and Mild Detergent. 

Made in Japan