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Mekke Socks

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Mekke Socks by Morihata.

Heather Navy Blue Colorway

Comfortable all-season socks from your favorite towel manufacturer.

1 size fits most, Mens US7-US12.

The name Mekke fittingly comes from the Japanese slang word “mekke-mono” meaning “good find”. These all-season socks are made on the same looms as Kontex’s best-in-class towels share many of the same qualities. Featuring a comfortable fit from toe to heel, they have a slight cushion that makes them perfect for long days on your feet. The Mekke sock is lined with Kontex’s plush terry and will keep your feet dry.

Materials: Cotton Pile 85%, Polyester 10%, Nylon 3%, Polyurethane 2%

Made in Japan